As a 40-year veteran of the martial arts and personal-protection, Mike DeLuca holds a Black Belt in To-Shin-Do as well as advanced training in Ninjutsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Karate. Mike has developed a unique approach to integrating:

  • Personal-Safety and Empowerment
  • Abduction and Rape Prevention
  • Anti-bullying Strategies
  • Self-Defense when Standing or On the Ground
  • Techniques for Protection Against Weapons
  • Grabs, Holds, Chokes and Automobile Escape Strategies
  • Mindfulness, Situational Awareness, and Danger Avoidance
  • Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Wellness

Classes are held on-site at your Company. We provide an instructor, mats, and pads.

  • We teach simple, natural, instinctive techniques that are easy to remember, legal, and street effective
  • All students work in pairs and learn techniques that are ready to use that day
  • Training is effective for people of all ages, sizes, strength, and experience levels – including those with physical limitations
  • Curriculum is consistent with current Law Enforcement and Security Professional training programs


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