Instant Author℠ Program

Turn-Key Client Education Books With You as the Co-Author   

(Coming Soon)

Everyone knows that educated animal owners make the best clients. Responsible animal owners will want good resource materials to help them take the best care of their animals. Who better to supply them with quality education resources than you – their veterinarian – especially if you are listed on the book as a contributing author. Our Instant Author℠ Program  provides you with:

  • A choice of several turn-key customized books for you to sell
  • A quality educational resource for your clients
  • An additional revenue source for your practice
  • Increased credibility and notoriety for you and your practice

We will provide the turnkey bulk of the book pre-written. Additionally, we will work with you to add your own unique articles, interviews with you to customize the book for you and your unique practice specialties. You can even get your patients and clients involved by including their photos and stories in your book.


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