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A Personal Message From Michael DeLuca – Our Founder

Dear Health Care Practitioner,
                                                                                                               You dedicated your life to serve and take care of the health of your patients and clients. You were passionate about healing and educating others about their health. But now, the field of healthcare is making it more and more difficult for you to do that... and sadly, is no longer allowing you to properly take care of yourself, your finances, your family and your future.                

You deserve to establish some greater control over how you serve your patients, how you impact world health and how you secure your financial freedom and future.                                                                                

I have created the Evolved HealthCaring Thought Leader Program™ to help you evolve your career to do just that.
                                                                                                                  Let's work together to use your knowledge, experience and skills to help unlimited clients, in unlimited locations, with unlimited revenue generation opportunities and name recognition for you.
                                                                                                                                                                                    The world is waiting for you to share your wisdom and skills with us. I would be honored to help you start making that happen - together - today!
                                                                                                                               Gratefully yours,
                                                                                                                                                   Michael DeLuca

If you would like to evolve your Health Care career from trading hours with patients for dollars – to becoming an international HealthCaring Thought Leader Entrepreneur with multiple 24/7 income streams, click the button below and start your amazing evolution today!

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  • ALIGN Body, Emotions, Memory, Mind and Spirit for SUCCESS
  • DISCOVER your deepest Dreams, Strengths, Values, Purpose, and Inspirations
  • CHOOSE the RIGHT Goals for yourself that are completely congruent with who you really are
  • CREATE the RIGHT Plan fueled by the strength of your truest WHYs
  • LEARN how to CONCENTRATE, CREATE, and COLLABORATE your way to success
  • REPURPOSE your Past to EVOLVE your Present in order to MANIFEST the Future of your Dreams
  • GROW your Personal and Financial HEALTH
  • Have More TIME to ENJOY your Life and your Family
  • Dramatically IMPROVE the PERFORMANCE of your Business
  • CREATE PROFITABLE, New Revenue Streams

About Our Founder…

“My whole life has been about helping professionals like you create innovative opportunities for your practice, patients and future!” – Michael DeLuca

Michael DeLuca has devoted over 45 yeas exploring new and innovative ways to serve healthcare practitioners, patients and organizations in order help them find new and creative ways to grow. From the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s he helped spread a powerful new paradigm of cooperation and service delivery in the field of Physical and Vocational Rehabilitation. Mike worked with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, government agencies and leading businesses and universities to reach new levels of ideation and cooperation. As a result, of this work, tens of thousands of disabled workers were rehabilitated, trained and placed into competitive employment around the world. 

In the late 1980's and 1990's, Mike worked with municipal and state governments to assist their Fire, Police and EMS departments in dramatically reducing response times to emergencies as well as prevent fatal traffic accidents on the way to the emergency or hospital. This helped save thousands of lives, as well as prevent millions of dollars in property damage, traffic accident and medical lawsuits.

In the 1990's and 2000's Mike assisted physicians and scientists to bring their groundbreaking products, technologies and educational programs to the world through the mediums of radio, television, Internet, newsletters, catalogs, retail distribution and workshops. He served as co-host for a nationally self-syndicated alternative medicine radio show. He has presented talks and workshops around the world and has appeared on over 750 radio, television, podcast and magazine interviews around the world.

In the realm of animal health, Mike assisted thousands of Veterinarians, Practice Managers and Technicians in bringing advanced Digital Prescription Management and Online Pharmacies into their practices as well as helped the spread of Integrative Veterinary Medicine Practices and cutting-edge products and treatment technologies around the world.

As a Performance Improvement Consultant, Mike has helped large companies and governments identify Billions of dollars of opportunities for improved efficiency and Millions of dollars of cost savings. He has helped entrepreneurs manifest the businesses of their dreams and small business owners go from struggling to thriving in record time.
He is a very popular Subject Matter Expert that is sought after by healthcare practitioners and organizations, Investment Research Firms, Investment Companies and Consulting Groups. His transformational work with people of all ages on six continents has earned him the title of “Honorary Chief” in several countries, and a place of honor, love and gratitude in the hearts of everyone he touches.

As Founder, his work with Integrative Wellness and Development LLC, the Evolved HealthCaring™ Thought Leadership Program™, and The Your Nine Steps℠ Program for Goal Achievement Mastery is creating powerful opportunities, and financial security for healthcare practitioners, their patients and practices.

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